• The Multicultural Workplace: Lietsu
    Talent Hub Joensuu visited Lietsu Boutique Aparthotel to interview entrepreneur Maria Saastamoinen. A hotel founded to show North-Karelian hospitality to foreigners, Lietsu has taken full advantage of the help offered by the surrounding community and international talent to become a second home to travellers of all sorts. In the old cream-coloured postal building in the […]
  • The multicultural workplace: Nanocomp
    Multiculturalism has enabled Nanocomp to turn itself from a small university initiative into a global business. Vice president Matti Eronen tells TalentHub Joensuu how Nanocomp has learned to navigate the complexities of both the international market and international workforce. Nanocomp is a photonics manufacturer that produces light guides, optical film components and management films and […]
  • Succeed in a job interview
    Practice your job interview skills at Luotsi. How do you make a good first impression? How should you prepare for a job interview? What should you avoid saying? Are your job interview skills rusty? Have you never been in a job interview? Would you like to gain confidence and succeed in interviews better than ever […]
  • Pathways to business
    An introduction to three beginner-friendly business models in Finland There are many reasons why one might want to become an entrepreneur. Sometimes it is hard to find stable work in a field. Sometimes you just want the freedom of being your own boss. Sometimes the business concept is so novel that entrepreneurship is the only way […]
  • The multicultural workplace: Kataja Basket
    Multiculturalism has touched more than just the traditional business life in Joensuu. Basketball club Kataja Basket has had a hand in normalising multiculturalism for decades. Kataja’s executive manager Johannes Lasaroff sat down with Talent Hub Joensuu to talk about Kataja Basket’s challenges and triumphs, and how international talent has contributed to the club’s success. Executive […]
  • Pavel Kipriianov crossed the border for studies and is planning to stay in Joensuu after graduation
    Not all international talents cross oceans and continents for work or studies. Pavel Kipriianov is a student from Petrozavodsk who found his new home in Joensuu but a stone’s throw away from Russian Karelia – a place at once novel and exciting as well as delightfully familiar. Pavel is second-year biology student in UEF’s international […]
  • Traveller by heart – Belgian Sam Pintens leads a family-oriented life in Joensuu
    People who migrate to new countries do so for different reasons. For some, such as Belgian Sam Pintens, the move to Finland sprung from unexpected necessity, but the transition was easier and more pleasant than expected. Sam Pintens is a Belgian migrant. The best moniker to describe the man would likely be “citizen of the […]
  • Hiring a non-native speaker into the organization
    In our blog series The Multicultural Workplace we have interviewed companies that have embraced a more international work culture here in the Joensuu region. Adapting the company culture to better facilitate non-Finnish speakers and making English the second or even the primary business language allows businesses to tap into the potential of international professionals, grow […]
  • Here to Stay: a chance encounter led Brazilian Alexandre to Joensuu
    Here to Stay: A series of interviews about international professionals living and working in Joensuu.
  • The Multicultural Workplace: Botania
    Botania started as the botanical garden of the University of Eastern Finland in 1985. Later, when the university chose to close it down, it was adopted by Botanian ystävät Ry, before its current sole owner Kari Kola purchased it in 2018. Kola rebranded Botania as an event garden. On top of the serene in- and […]
  • The Multicultural Workplace: JP Suojapeite
    Language is the key – International communication at JP Suojapeite Roughly three years ago entrepreneur Juha Piiroinen, who runs tarp manufacturing company JP Suojapeite, took on his first international employee Sam Pintens. After years of productive co-working between the Belgian migrant and his otherwise native workforce, Piiroinen shares his experiences of running a multicultural workplace. […]
  • Talent Stories: Daddi Diesel
    When Dorian moved to Joensuu two years ago, he had to rediscover himself and find a new career path. Watch this Talent Story and learn how Dorian became Daddi Diesel, a YouTube podcaster, who wants to bring international attention to Finland. Dorian will be one of the guest speakers at Luotsi’s Entrepreneur Lounge today, Friday […]
  • The Multicultural Workplace: Valamis
    A visit to the Valamis Head Office opens our new series of articles about multicultural workplaces in the Joensuu region. Doors open to reveal the well-kept and sleek main office of Valamis, calm as most of the staff is working remotely.  Jussi Hurskainen, the company’s CEO comes to greet us and we settle in his […]
  • 24.9. Luotsi Entrepreneur Lounge
    Special Edition for Foreigners – How to start a business in Joensuu Eastern Finland is in need for new international talent and entrepreneurs. At the same time, we have great deal of migrants with all kinds of expertise and a passion for entrepreneurship. To help supply and demand meet, we put together a panel at […]
  • Talent Stories: Patricia Calzado
    Teacher during the academic year, customer service professional during the summer: ”I have perhaps always been a kind of an adventurer, meaning I gain a lot of energy from new people and situations. It keeps me alive, you know.” Patricia Calzado, 29, moved to Finland from Spain eight years ago. She was born in Cordova […]
  • Meet your coach – Antti from Luotsi
    Hi, My name is Antti and I work as an individual coach at Luotsi Joensuu. I’m also one of the people responsible for the development of the TalentHub service we launched in the spring of 2021. Mainly I will be working with international talents at TalentHub, as we offer a free coaching service for all […]
  • Talent Stories: Dantez Walton – Kataja Basket