Alsiva Oy: It´s the attitude that counts

Awarded with the Luotsi award on Joensuu Day 2022: Alsiva Oy

”We have many positions that require a lot of skill and education, but we also have positions on the production side where the deciding factor is a productive attitude and precision. We have been very satisfied with the new Ukrainian workers who have started this year. Of course there is a longer-term need for training, but everything has really worked out surprisingly easily,” says HR expert Mari Räty.

Many workers have gotten started with the help of job agent Ekaterina Väänänen, who is able to interpret and help the applicants prepare their CVs, so that Alsiva in turn will know what kind of work could be suitable for them.

”Ekaterina is a treasure. We can always call her, and often work out things out quickly even over speakerphone,” Räty adds.

Andrii Yarmolenko started at Alsiva in the summer through RTK-Henkilöstöpalvelu, but then moved over to Alsiva’s payroll as a production worker.

”The wages here are better than in Ukraine, especially when you add the performance bonuses on top of the basic salary. I have really enjoyed my time here. At first I was on a team with some Russians who have lived here for years. I received some good additional orientation from them in Russian, which almost all Ukraininans are also fluent in,” says Andrii.

Now he gets to use his own native language to advise the next employee, the freshly arrived Artem Chudak.

”It has a major effect on not only the language, but also the general mood of the entire work community, when the experienced workers are there to help the newcomers. Working in teams gets results and improves well-being,” says Alsiva’s supervisor Jukka Simanainen.

Carpooling is another connecting factor – three-shift work isn’t always accessible via public transport. The ride to work was easily arranged for Andrii as well, almost from next door.

”Of course, we can also move the work shifts around a little to make sure that carpooling is viable,” says Simanainen.

Alsiva Oy is a major contract manufacturer of aluminum and zinc die-casting products in Finland. The products are used in the electrical, electronics, medical and mechanical industries.
Alsiva is part of the Ouneva Group, a domestic group of family-owned businesses that has operated for 50 years and employs over 700 professionals. Ouneva Group operates in Finland and Estonia. In addition to Alsiva Oy, the group includes Ase Utra Oy, Eswire Oü, Electro-Hill Oü, Jotwire Oy, Ouneva Oy, Top Speed Oy and Valukumpu Oy.

The Joensuu Day Luotsi awards were awarded to employers who have boldly employed international talents. Awards were also given to:

Text: Riitta Nyberg
Photos: Ari Tauslahti
Translation: Teemu Reilin