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Here you can find some useful information to grow your company’s international expertise as well as support for recruitment and employment in Joensuu.

UEF – Strengthen your organization’s international competence

International encounters are increasing in our daily working life. To react, companies need modern and broad ranged expertise in cross-cultural and multilingual interaction. UEF’s School of Humanities educates skilled experts in languages, intercultural interaction, and communication (e.g., translators, trainers, interaction designers) to fulfil the evolving needs of working life.

Grow your company’s international competence with Humanities students:

  • Suggest project topics or present a case to study.
  • Offer research material and/or topics for theses.
  • Recruit interns.

There are many effortless ways to get in touch with future experts and provide them with working life connections:

  • Propose a visiting lecture.
  • Invite students to visit your company.
  • Become a mentor.
  • Participate in recruitment events.

Contact: Project Manager Anna Logrén, HUMUS / School of Humanities, anna.logren(at), tel. 029 445 2025



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