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Here you can find some use­ful inform­a­tion to grow your com­pany’s inter­na­tional expert­ise as well as sup­port for recruit­ment and employ­ment in Joensuu.

UEF — Strengthen your organization’s inter­na­tional com­pet­ence

International encoun­ters are increas­ing in our daily work­ing life. To react, com­pan­ies need mod­ern and broad ranged expert­ise in cross-cul­tural and mul­ti­lin­gual inter­ac­tion. UEF’s School of Humanities edu­cates skilled experts in lan­guages, inter­cul­tural inter­ac­tion, and com­mu­nic­a­tion (e.g., trans­lat­ors, train­ers, inter­ac­tion design­ers) to ful­fil the evolving needs of work­ing life.

Grow your company’s inter­na­tional com­pet­ence with Humanities stu­dents:

  • Suggest pro­ject top­ics or present a case to study.
  • Offer research mater­ial and/or top­ics for theses.
  • Recruit interns.

There are many effort­less ways to get in touch with future experts and provide them with work­ing life con­nec­tions:

  • Propose a vis­it­ing lec­ture.
  • Invite stu­dents to visit your com­pany.
  • Become a mentor.
  • Participate in recruit­ment events.

Contact: Project Manager Anna Logrén, HUMUS / School of Humanities, anna.logren(at), tel. 029 445 2025



Kuntalisä is a reward from Joensuu city to an employer, who employs a Joensuu res­id­ent, who is a cli­ent of Joensuu employ­ment ser­vices. To find out more about Kuntalisä READ MORE HERE (in Finnish)

Luotsi Joensuu for com­pan­ies

Luotsi Joensuu offers sup­port for easy and fast recruit­ment as well as inform­a­tion about employ­ment sub­si­di­ar­ies. Our agents, spe­cial­ized in com­pany col­lab­or­a­tion, are happy to help you! READ MORE