The story so far…

The TalentHub Joensuu project was started in January 2018 to find solutions to the challenges of internationalization experienced by local enterprises. The aim of the project was to build a systematic and active municipal cooperation model for international talents, enterprises, and their support and service organizations in order to coordinate and bring together the regional enterprises and international talents in the area. The enterprise-based activities of the project promoted the growth, development and internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as swiftly connecting international talents with such enterprises. In addition, entrepreneurial paths for international talents were recognised and piloted in the project. Co-development activities between enterprises and international talents were enhanced by new kinds of experiments such as joint work-, internship-, and/or development periods in the enterprises.

As a result of the project, the enterprises in the region were able to utilize international talents more efficiently in their own operations relating to internationalization processes. During the project, 30 enterprises undertook a cooperation period with international talent and had access to tools for internationalization and willingness to utilize international talents to support internationalization. With the help of the activities, 20 international talents were employed by SMEs. The amount of new start-ups founded by international talents during the project was 10.

The original TalentHub Joensuu project, funded by the EU and Uudenmaan Liitto, finished on December 31st, 2019. The project had established a cooperation model in which regional SMEs are able to utilize international talents to support their internationalization and growth. In 2020 the ownership of TalentHub Joensuu was transferred to the city of Joensuu, and driven by Luotsi Joensuu, the TalentHub Joensuu website continues to be developed with the aim to implement it as a permanent part of the employment services offered by the city of Joensuu. In addition to co-operation with local institutions and companies, the project continues to promote the vitality of local companies as well as the social and cultural resilience and equality in business. Internationalization of enterprises promotes sustainable development of the regional economic structure. Through employment, international talents are better integrated into the regional structure, and they help to diversify business culture and broaden knowledge of foreign cultures in the enterprises.