Interested in entre­pren­eur­ship?

If you are inter­ested in start­ing your own busi­ness, whether as a sole trader, light entre­pren­eur or estab­lish­ing a lim­ited com­pany, there are mul­tiple options to find guid­ance and sup­port.

SET UP — towards entre­pren­eur­ship

Business Joensuu offers sup­port for the early stages of entre­pren­eur­ship. The moment when a com­pany is still just a dream, an idea or even a vague concept. The SET UP guid­ance is free of charge and inten­ded for every­one con­sid­er­ing entre­pren­eur­ship – we will sup­port you and give you advice you on next steps.

Yrittäjyyden Olohuone – free guid­ance on Fridays at Luotsi

Every Friday from 12–14 you can visit Luotsi and get guid­ance for start­ing a busi­ness. Experts from Business JoensuuTE-ser­vicesPohjois-Karjalan YrittäjätJatkis –hankeSpark Joensuu and Luotsi are ready to answer your ques­tions about entre­pren­eur­ship.

Once a month Luotsi organ­izes a YouTube live stream webinar with a chan­ging theme on entre­pren­eur­ship. READ MORE ABOUT YRITTÄJYYDEN OLOHUONE.

TE-ser­vices for entre­pren­eurs

When you are con­sid­er­ing enter­pris­ing as a career choice, or you wish to start or have star­ted your own busi­ness, you can take part in entre­pren­eur­ial career coach­ing or entre­pren­eur train­ing organ­ized by the TE-office.

You might also be eli­gible for a star­tup grant. The pur­pose of star­tup grants is to encour­age new busi­nesses and pro­mote employ­ment. The grant provides an entre­pren­eur with a secure income dur­ing the time that get­ting the busi­ness up and run­ning is estim­ated to take – how­ever for no more than 12 months. READ MORE ABOUT STARTUP GRANTS.