Coming up : Työtä Karnevaalit, a unique recruitment event!

Seeking a job? Looking for the perfect match, even? Then look no further, as a heart-pounding event is about to take place very soon. On the 17th of August at Sokos Hotel Kimmel in Joensuu, employers and job seekers are looking for the perfect match!

Työtä-karnevaalit is a free recruitment event where anyone can drop in during the day to meet employers and network. Luotsi, the employment services of Joensuu, has tucked a veritable ace up its sleeves to shake things up a notch when it comes to employment and entertainment this autumn. Enter Työtä-karnevaalit, a five-hour recruitment drive event filled to the brim with vim and vigor. The event is going to be held on Saturday, 17 September, 2022, 10:00–15:00, and the admission is free for everyone. Simply come in and check out what is going on with the local businesses and network with people, there will be quality content a-plenty. When push comes to shove, you may even get hired!

Hosted by top-tier entertainers Timo Lavikainen and Ismo Apell, there are three main attractions in the event. As the gates are thrown wide open at 10:00, actress Sari Havas is available for the whole event in the Loista työhaastattelussa spot, personally providing job interview skill training to job applicants. Come and polish your verbal expertise before a real interview!

At 11:00, speed dating begins, but unlike a dreamy scenario where true love is all but granted, the aim here is to strive for a job, making the employer just love to hire you after the unforgettable impression you have imprinted to their very core. There is also a lucrative draw attached. You might not necessarily win an instant job with its prizes, but there are fancy rewards ranging from theater tickets to a hotel night on a ship.

The final hour is dedicated to The Employment Bullseye -show. Hosted by Janne Kataja, Finland’s entertainer extraordinaire, it’s a show where an employer and a job applicant will go on a journey together. But who will they be and what will the future have in store for them? Will you be one of them? One thing is certain, after this event concludes, we face the shining future and go places.