Coming up : Työtä Karnevaalit, a unique recruit­ment event!

Seeking a job? Looking for the per­fect match, even? Then look no fur­ther, as a heart-pound­ing event is about to take place very soon. On the 17th of August at Sokos Hotel Kimmel in Joensuu, employ­ers and job seekers are look­ing for the per­fect match!

Työtä-karnevaalit is a free recruit­ment event where any­one can drop in dur­ing the day to meet employ­ers and net­work. Luotsi, the employ­ment ser­vices of Joensuu, has tucked a ver­it­able ace up its sleeves to shake things up a notch when it comes to employ­ment and enter­tain­ment this autumn. Enter Työtä-karnevaalit, a five-hour recruit­ment drive event filled to the brim with vim and vigor. The event is going to be held on Saturday, 17 September, 2022, 10:00–15:00, and the admis­sion is free for every­one. Simply come in and check out what is going on with the local busi­nesses and net­work with people, there will be qual­ity con­tent a‑plenty. When push comes to shove, you may even get hired!

Hosted by top-tier enter­tain­ers Timo Lavikainen and Ismo Apell, there are three main attrac­tions in the event. As the gates are thrown wide open at 10:00, act­ress Sari Havas is avail­able for the whole event in the Loista työhaastat­telussa spot, per­son­ally provid­ing job inter­view skill train­ing to job applic­ants. Come and pol­ish your verbal expert­ise before a real inter­view!

At 11:00, speed dat­ing begins, but unlike a dreamy scen­ario where true love is all but gran­ted, the aim here is to strive for a job, mak­ing the employer just love to hire you after the unfor­get­table impres­sion you have imprin­ted to their very core. There is also a luc­rat­ive draw attached. You might not neces­sar­ily win an instant job with its prizes, but there are fancy rewards ran­ging from theater tick­ets to a hotel night on a ship.

The final hour is ded­ic­ated to The Employment Bullseye ‑show. Hosted by Janne Kataja, Finland’s enter­tainer extraordin­aire, it’s a show where an employer and a job applic­ant will go on a jour­ney together. But who will they be and what will the future have in store for them? Will you be one of them? One thing is cer­tain, after this event con­cludes, we face the shin­ing future and go places.