Succeed in a job inter­view

Practice your job inter­view skills at Luotsi.

How do you make a good first impres­sion? How should you pre­pare for a job inter­view?

What should you avoid say­ing? Are your job inter­view skills rusty? Have you never been in a job inter­view? Would you like to gain con­fid­ence and suc­ceed in inter­views bet­ter than ever before? 

Onnistu Työhaastattelussa – or Succeed in Job Interviews – is a ser­vice avail­able to any­one in Joensuu free of charge. It gives you the oppor­tun­ity to prac­tice for a job inter­view, prac­tice present­ing your­self and your expert­ise, and gain feed­back on how to suc­ceed in a real-life job inter­view. 

The prac­tice inter­view will be held at a pre­de­ter­mined time at Luotsi, where two job agents of Luotsi will inter­view you. The job agents will give you feed­back in order for you to see your exist­ing poten­tial as well how and what you can still work on before the inter­view. You also get to eval­u­ate your own per­form­ance and take the feed­back forms with you. 

You can be dir­ec­ted to the ser­vice by a Luotsi job agent or by a coach in the local gov­ern­ment pilot on employ­ment, but the ser­vice is avail­able to all Joensuu res­id­ents. The prac­tice inter­views can be held in Finnish or English.  

Practice inter­views are held at Luotsi every Wednesday from 12:00 to 15:00. Contact your job agent or con­tact per­son in the employ­ment pilot, or book a time at the Luotsi ser­vice point.

Luotsi Joensuu:

  • Phone and WhatsApp 050 470 6553
  • Email [email protected]
  • Plaza Centrum, Kauppakatu 29, Joensuu