24.9. Luotsi Entrepreneur Lounge

Special Edition for Foreigners – How to start a business in Joensuu

Eastern Finland is in need for new international talent and entrepreneurs. At the same time, we have great deal of migrants with all kinds of expertise and a passion for entrepreneurship. To help supply and demand meet, we put together a panel at Yrittäjyyden Olohuone to give you an idea about the tools and guidance available for new entrepreneurs in Joensuu. Whether you are concerned about refining your business idea, figuring out your competitive situation, paperwork, applying for startup grants or accounting, our panel of experts has you covered.

Join us for a live stream event on Friday 24th of September at 12:00 on Luotsi YouTube channel

Programme of the live stream event:

12:00 Luotsi Joensuu: Individual coaching for emerging businesses

If you are a resident of Joensuu taking your first steps towards launching your business and wonder “do I have what it takes”, “will my business idea work in Joensuu” or “where can I get help”, the business agents of Luotsi are at your disposal. Presented by Luotsi Joensuu’s business agents Riitta Nyberg, Juha Forsblom and Maikki Miettinen.

12:05 Business Joensuu: We strengthened our migrant business coaching

Ali Giray, the business coach for emerging businesses serves clients in English and Arabic, too. What goes on in SET UP –meetings? What is START-coaching for small groups of entrepreneurs like? What kinds of funding are available for new businesses? Presented by Ali Giray.

12:20 TE-Office of North Karelia: Expert services for beginner entrepreneurs

What are startup grants meant for? On what basis are startup grants granted? Are there fields for which startup grants cannot be granted? Presented by entrepreneur consultant Minna Komulainen.

12:30 Pohjois-Karjalan yrittäjät ry: What do I benefit from joining the Yrittäjät business federation?

Need sparring from your fellow entrepreneurs right from the get-go? Young entrepreneurs? Woman entrepreneurs? Self-employed entrepreneurs? What about selling an existing business instead of starting one? How will Jatkis help you with it? Presented by Ali Giray.

12:40 Entrepreneur Story: Jonathan Carle/ Vivaret Oy

How did Jonathan Carle, born and raised in Switzerland, move to Joensuu and start a business specialised in constructing wooden buildings? With excellent carpentry skills and a bold business idea, Jonathan has created magnificent staircases, outbuildings, gazebos, and even treehouses. Come hear Jonathan’s story from the man himself!

Uncomplicated get-togethers and guidance for those curious about entrepreneurship: Business Joensuu, TE Entrepreneur Services, Pohjois-Karjalan Yrittäjät, Spark Joensuu, Luotsi Joensuu

The webinar is open for everyone through the following links. The event takes place in Centrum at Kauppakatu 29 on Luotsi’s street level premises from 12:00 to 13:15, and is open for a small studio audience.

Watch the live stream

The recording will be available after the live event at the Luotsi Joensuu YouTube channel.