24.9. Luotsi Entrepreneur Lounge

Special Edition for Foreigners — How to start a busi­ness in Joensuu

Eastern Finland is in need for new inter­na­tional tal­ent and entre­pren­eurs. At the same time, we have great deal of migrants with all kinds of expert­ise and a pas­sion for entre­pren­eur­ship. To help sup­ply and demand meet, we put together a panel at Yrittäjyyden Olohuone to give you an idea about the tools and guid­ance avail­able for new entre­pren­eurs in Joensuu. Whether you are con­cerned about refin­ing your busi­ness idea, fig­ur­ing out your com­pet­it­ive situ­ation, paper­work, apply­ing for star­tup grants or account­ing, our panel of experts has you covered.

Join us for a live stream event on Friday 24th of September at 12:00 on Luotsi YouTube chan­nel

Programme of the live stream event:

12:00 Luotsi Joensuu: Individual coach­ing for emer­ging busi­nesses

If you are a res­id­ent of Joensuu tak­ing your first steps towards launch­ing your busi­ness and won­der “do I have what it takes”, “will my busi­ness idea work in Joensuu” or “where can I get help”, the busi­ness agents of Luotsi are at your dis­posal. Presented by Luotsi Joensuu’s busi­ness agents Riitta Nyberg, Juha Forsblom and Maikki Miettinen.

12:05 Business Joensuu: We strengthened our migrant busi­ness coach­ing

Ali Giray, the busi­ness coach for emer­ging busi­nesses serves cli­ents in English and Arabic, too. What goes on in SET UP –meet­ings? What is START-coach­ing for small groups of entre­pren­eurs like? What kinds of fund­ing are avail­able for new busi­nesses? Presented by Ali Giray.

12:20 TE-Office of North Karelia: Expert ser­vices for begin­ner entre­pren­eurs

What are star­tup grants meant for? On what basis are star­tup grants gran­ted? Are there fields for which star­tup grants can­not be gran­ted? Presented by entre­pren­eur con­sult­ant Minna Komulainen.

12:30 Pohjois-Karjalan yrit­täjät ry: What do I bene­fit from join­ing the Yrittäjät busi­ness fed­er­a­tion?

Need spar­ring from your fel­low entre­pren­eurs right from the get-go? Young entre­pren­eurs? Woman entre­pren­eurs? Self-employed entre­pren­eurs? What about selling an exist­ing busi­ness instead of start­ing one? How will Jatkis help you with it? Presented by Ali Giray.

12:40 Entrepreneur Story: Jonathan Carle/ Vivaret Oy

How did Jonathan Carle, born and raised in Switzerland, move to Joensuu and start a busi­ness spe­cial­ised in con­struct­ing wooden build­ings? With excel­lent car­pentry skills and a bold busi­ness idea, Jonathan has cre­ated mag­ni­fi­cent stair­cases, out­build­ings, gazebos, and even tree­houses. Come hear Jonathan’s story from the man him­self!

Uncomplicated get-togeth­ers and guid­ance for those curi­ous about entre­pren­eur­ship: Business Joensuu, TE Entrepreneur Services, Pohjois-Karjalan Yrittäjät, Spark Joensuu, Luotsi Joensuu

The webinar is open for every­one through the fol­low­ing links. The event takes place in Centrum at Kauppakatu 29 on Luotsi’s street level premises from 12:00 to 13:15, and is open for a small stu­dio audi­ence.

Watch the live stream

The record­ing will be avail­able after the live event at the Luotsi Joensuu YouTube chan­nel.