Basic information

Patricia Calzado

Languages i speak at least at professional working proficiency
English, Finnish, Spanish


Native language

Educational level
Bachelor's or equivalent

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Translation and Interpretation Studies (French) from the University of Murcia. Right now I am studyin a Master Degree Program in Early Language Education for Intercultural Communication at the University of Eastern Finland. Back in Spain I collated my official studies with music studies at Murcia's Music Conservatory. I graduated in 2013 from Violin Studies.

About me

I am a eager language learner (now on my list I have Japanese and Korean) and I find fascinating to know new aspects of different cultures (whether it is about history, literature, gastronomy, society, etc). I myself enjoy doing arts and playing music daily. These are ways to connect with people in a deeper way and that also reflect a part of your culture, and your own identity. Sustainability and the enviorenement are issues that are relevant for me, so I am looking forward to work in an environement that supports similar eclogical values.

Skills and interests

Previous work experience
I have mostly worked in the educational field. I have organised language clubs (French, English and Spanish) for children in daycares and schools of Helsinki, Espoo and Joensuu. As well, I've worked as a Spanish teacher at Joensuu's Kansalaisopisto and as a substitute English and Spanish teachers in Primary, Secondary and Upper-secondary schools in Joensuu. During the summers I have always worked in the customer service sector. Cafés and restaurants have been the social working environements that I have been looking for after an academic year and when the schools close for the holidays.

What international skills or knowledge could you offer to a potential employer:
I believe my strong and extensive language skills are a plus in diverse working scenarios, as well as my social and communicative skills. A multicultural, multilingual and educational input is something that I would bring to the workplace. Having lived in Finland for almost eight years has given me a better understanding of the culture and lifestyle here, therefore, this duality of foreigner and permanent citizen here could bring a better insight in certain aspects. As well, my musical and artistic skills could be of relevance. Working languages: Spanish, Finnish, English and French. Basic understanding of Japanese.

I am interested in
Freelance or project work, Full-time position, Internship, Part-time position

I would like to work in
Joensuu, Kitee, Kontiolahti, Outokumpu

Cultural sector, Education, Hospitality and tourism, Other